Who is Jesus Christ really?

And…… What does it mean when He is called ‘the friend of sinners’?
Does it mean that He has included all sinners in His love and His life?
Or, must a sinner first do something to qualify to be included in His love and His life?
And…… What about the billions of people that belong to non-Christian religions, or who are taught against Jesus, does He include them in His love and life as well?
Does Jesus view all of humanity who do not confess Him as Lord with distain, or does He embrace them in His love and life anyway?
And…… Did Jesus forgive and start loving you the moment you believed in Him and repented, or were you always included in His work of redemption?
And …… How does Jesus look at every man, woman and child that you encounter in your life?
And…… And how would your life be different if you were to look ar them in the same way Jesus does?

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” Transforming our Vision to the Apostolic Understanding of the Cosmic Nature and Universal Lordship of Jesus the Christ, and the Inclusion and Infusion of Humanity into the Love and Life of the Trinity by Challenging Redundant and Stagnant Traditional Religious Mindsets and Spiritual Blind Spots.” View all posts by newparadigmthinkers

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