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The Trinitarian Initiative ‘Christ-Centred Perspectives for Christian Thought-Leaders’


In Jesus Christ we have been Adopted into the inner circle of Love and Life of the Trinity and made to share His knowledge of the Father.

“This Ministry  finds its  Inspiration in the Good News and Amazing Mystery of the original Eternal Love Initiative of the Divine Trinity for our Adoption in Jesus Christ.” Andre’ Oosthuizen

This Initiative empowers Christian Thought-Leaders to:

Explore the beautiful Mystery of God’s Grace for our Inclusion and Infusion into the Love and Life of the Trinity.

Recover the Ancient Faith and Vision of the Universal and Cosmic Nature of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Impart Christ-centred insight – thereby igniting passion for Christ in the mind and heart of the Church.

This Initiative finds its expression in:

Ministry to Churches, Conference Speaking and Seminars, Teaching in Seminaries, Bible Schools, Social Media and Cyber – space.

Working with like minded Individuals, Ministries, Churches and Academic Institutions towards the practical fleshing out of Trinitarian Theology through collaboration and dialogue.

This Initiative has as its focus:

Constructive dialogue as participation in the renaissance of Trinitarian awareness and Christological emphasis within contemporary Postmodern Culture.

Strategic engagement towards recovering and re-visioning a Christ-shaped Trinitarian worldview and exploring its extraordinary implications for human existence.

Dismantling redundant and stagnant traditional religious mindsets and theological blind spots towards advancing a new enlarged Christ-honouring conceptual paradigm for the Third Christian Millennium.

Contributing to the convergence of Christ-centred Trinitarian perspectives of faith as framework for Christian worship, service, practical lifestyle and evangelism.

This Initiative is the Ministry of Andre’ Oosthuizen

Andre’s quest for spiritual reality began, when as a young boy he gazed

into the 1002-WhoIsGodmajestic night sky and in awe pondered the perennial question

‘Who is God?’

That very day young Andre’ became a theologian!

Faith seeking understanding, he has since grappled with eternal questions about God and man.

Curiosity led him to seek for answers in the study of various promising –ism’s and -ology’s and by investigating many different schools of thought.

Although providing temporary intellectual stimulation these substitutes ended in a spiritual culde-sac’, bring Andre’ full circle back to rediscover the centre of the faith of his forefathers – Jesus the Christ!

During three decades of full-time ministry, and as a Christian Thinker, Andre’ life-long interest has been towards deeply researching the question:

‘Who is Jesus Christ………and what did the Triune Godhead intend and accomplish with and for mankind in the Christ Event?’

As a people’s theologian, and a deeply devotional man of faith, his passion is to translate deep and complex theological
issues and philosophical concepts about divinity and humanity into practical and meaningful insights for Christian

When Andre’ is not travelling and teaching he enjoys living along the warm Indian Ocean coastline of South Africa. He is the father of five and loves spending time with his nine grandchildren.


Did the Church turn God into an ‘absent Father’?

Sadly, the historic Christian Church lost a vital and important Divine revelation!

Namely, the experiential reality of the  inclusion and infusion of mankind into the Love and Life of the Trinity, made possible through the  vicarious Incarnation of the Son of God, leading up to the eventual Glorification of the Son of Man! The understanding that Jesus Christ not only brought the Divine Nature into the likeness of human flesh,  but ultimately took humanity up into an eternal and inseperable union with Divinity!

Tragically the truth of the relational nature and the unique character of loving union and communion comprising the Trinity, the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and mankind’s intended  inclusion therein  through grace alone, has become , even until today, largely  a mere obscure  formal doctrine of the Church.

'.....even replacing the importance and the Person of Christ Jesus, in fact, in a sense inadvertently relegating the Alpha and the Omega of all existence to a mere 'passport to heaven'!

The focus of the Church changed away from the Love and Grace of the Father embracing fallen mankind as expressed in and experienced through Jesus Christ. This was replaced instead by a religious emphasis on the Holiness of God, resulting in an obsession with the sin and unacceptability of mankind!

Thus the righteous judgement and wrath of God against sin and thus the subsequent need for legal justification for sinful man by means of punitive retribution aimed at appeasing this vengeful andangry Holy God became the dominating feature of Christianity.

The Judgement of God and the Cross of Jesus of Nazareth became the central focus. In a sense , even replacing the importance and the Person of Christ Jesus, in fact, in a sense inadvertantly religating the Alpha and the Omega of all existance to a mere ‘passport to heaven’!

The reality of the Fatherhood of God of all mankind and His loving eternal intention and unilateral decision to include mankind in His life and love through His power and grace alone, through His Son, Jesus Christ, was moved to the background and faded into obscurity.

Having lost our way, and having little vital realization and revelation of the true significance for all of mankind of these vital events, we as the Christian Church need to rediscover the deeper implications of the vicarious Incarnation, the Death, the Resurrection, the Ascension and the Glorification of Jesus the Christ.