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‘The Objective and Subjective Spiritual Reality of The Gospel of Christ’!

To be called ‘co-heirs’ with Christ, and ‘heirs’ of the Father, in the deepest and ultimate sense of its meaning,  signify and imply that we are spiritually included in the ‘love’ and ‘life’ of Divinity.

Indeed, otherwise stated, intimately embraced in the ‘dream’ and ‘dance’ within the organic unity of the Trinity!

All of life begins and ends within the Triune Godhead, yet for most, the Trinity is a merely a complicated ‘doctrine’ and an irrelevant concept, and not a personal ‘reality’.

Yet, when the True and Living God , hitherto unseen and unknown,  ultimately  chose to explain Himself in human history, as He did in and through the Man Jesus Christ , Divine Wisdom chose to revealed Himself  in terms of the dynamics of a Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Our contemporary Christian paradigm is formatted around our limited understanding of the so called ‘New Covenant’. For most believers the ‘New Covenant’ merely represents the pages between Matthew and the book of Revelation!

This is indeed not the ‘New Covenant’! These are Scriptures that testify of the New Covenant!

The ‘New Covenant’ is in fact an ‘us inclusive’ living relationship between Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father!

Jesus Christ, being both Son of God and Son of Man, is the Mediator and Guarantor of this inclusive relationship, which He unilaterally brought into existence on our behalf.

The Glorification of the Man Jesus the Christ, in Whom both Divinity and Humanity is eternally vested, perpetually sustains our ‘inclusion’ in this ‘love and life’ of the Trinity…… in the power of an indestructible life!

Due to ignorance Christianity’s has been religiously trampling and continue to muddy the spiritual waters of mankind!

Sadly, despite our 2000 year history of explaining the Bible, interpreting the Old and the New Covenants, distinguishing between Law and Grace, arguing between Works and Faith, and preaching about Heaven and Hell…. we have inherited a massive ‘blind spot’ regarding the very ‘raison d’être’ …. The ETERNAL COVENANT!

The ‘rediscovery’ and ‘renewed understand’ the Eternal Covenant and the nature of the Trinity, especially its gracious predisposition towards mankind, is a potential catalyst for a new spiritual awakening, that could sweep the world.

In this Audio Teaching I discuss ‘The Objective and Subjective Spiritual Reality of The Gospel of Christ’!

It was presented to approximately seventy Christian leaders from about fourteen African nations who attended an International Grace Conference, hosted by Francois du Toit at Hermanus, South Africa during 5-15 November 2010.

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