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The Trinitarian Initiative ‘Christ-Centred Perspectives for Christian Thought-Leaders’


In Jesus Christ we have been Adopted into the inner circle of Love and Life of the Trinity and made to share His knowledge of the Father.

“This Ministry  finds its  Inspiration in the Good News and Amazing Mystery of the original Eternal Love Initiative of the Divine Trinity for our Adoption in Jesus Christ.” Andre’ Oosthuizen

This Initiative empowers Christian Thought-Leaders to:

Explore the beautiful Mystery of God’s Grace for our Inclusion and Infusion into the Love and Life of the Trinity.

Recover the Ancient Faith and Vision of the Universal and Cosmic Nature of the Lordship of Jesus Christ.

Impart Christ-centred insight – thereby igniting passion for Christ in the mind and heart of the Church.

This Initiative finds its expression in:

Ministry to Churches, Conference Speaking and Seminars, Teaching in Seminaries, Bible Schools, Social Media and Cyber – space.

Working with like minded Individuals, Ministries, Churches and Academic Institutions towards the practical fleshing out of Trinitarian Theology through collaboration and dialogue.

This Initiative has as its focus:

Constructive dialogue as participation in the renaissance of Trinitarian awareness and Christological emphasis within contemporary Postmodern Culture.

Strategic engagement towards recovering and re-visioning a Christ-shaped Trinitarian worldview and exploring its extraordinary implications for human existence.

Dismantling redundant and stagnant traditional religious mindsets and theological blind spots towards advancing a new enlarged Christ-honouring conceptual paradigm for the Third Christian Millennium.

Contributing to the convergence of Christ-centred Trinitarian perspectives of faith as framework for Christian worship, service, practical lifestyle and evangelism.

This Initiative is the Ministry of Andre’ Oosthuizen

Andre’s quest for spiritual reality began, when as a young boy he gazed

into the 1002-WhoIsGodmajestic night sky and in awe pondered the perennial question

‘Who is God?’

That very day young Andre’ became a theologian!

Faith seeking understanding, he has since grappled with eternal questions about God and man.

Curiosity led him to seek for answers in the study of various promising –ism’s and -ology’s and by investigating many different schools of thought.

Although providing temporary intellectual stimulation these substitutes ended in a spiritual culde-sac’, bring Andre’ full circle back to rediscover the centre of the faith of his forefathers – Jesus the Christ!

During three decades of full-time ministry, and as a Christian Thinker, Andre’ life-long interest has been towards deeply researching the question:

‘Who is Jesus Christ………and what did the Triune Godhead intend and accomplish with and for mankind in the Christ Event?’

As a people’s theologian, and a deeply devotional man of faith, his passion is to translate deep and complex theological
issues and philosophical concepts about divinity and humanity into practical and meaningful insights for Christian

When Andre’ is not travelling and teaching he enjoys living along the warm Indian Ocean coastline of South Africa. He is the father of five and loves spending time with his nine grandchildren.


Why is accepting that Jesus is the Saviour of Mankind so painful for most Christians?

A good friend and colleague of mine, a wonderful Minister of the Gospel, remarked to me about how he struggled with the concept of Christian Universalism!

He could not see the inclusion of all mankind into the finished work of the Cross of Jesus Christ. Or understand the extension of God’s Grace and Love,to ultimately include all of mankind in the reconciliation wrought by Christ. This idea made him feel uneasy, as it obviously contradicted the way we all have been conditioned to believe within modern evangelical Western Christianity.

This concept of the inclusion of mankind within the Corporate Christ, the Representative of all mankind, by the sovereign eternal decision of  the Triune Godhead, independent of human merit, human choice or man’s opinion on the mater, literally goes against the grain of our general Christian mentality.

The mater of ‘inclusion and exclusion’ has been both endemic and systemic in human consciousness since the first Adam darkened man’s spiritual awareness and understanding with his  erroneous judgement on the nature of God, based on the a false premise… the illusion of separation.

.....a respectable ecclesiastical ladder, but ......

With ‘separation from God’ and the ‘knowledge of good and evil’ becoming the very taproot of man’s mentality, the inevitable fruit of ‘exclusion and inclusion’ has in fact motivated and shaped the very history of mankind and undergirds all levels of human existence, including politics, economics,religion, education.

This very notion  has in fact even shaped, distorted and marred the very image of the Triune God in our human consciousness, and and has even become the very underbelly of our perception of Christ and the Gospel!

ancient, forgotten, despised...but original!

Transitioning in our religious reasoning, from this unconscious mode of existing and of being in the world, with its conditioned response, to a different and apparently contradictory way of thinking, is not an easy journey.

I can describe it this way;

Assuming that for all your Christian life,you have been religious climbing a  ladder leaning against the wall of Life!,  A nice and modern ladder. A very popular ladder, known and approved by all good men, indeed an honourable ladder! This ladder even boasts the stamp of approval of your local church, you denomination, and is often endorsed by the most famous TV preachers.

Your climb up this ladder has been a most memorable journey of discovery! You are so grateful!

The journey upwards has brought you many answers, and much personal satisfaction! You enjoyed the camaraderie, support and admiration of many fellow climbers. The climb filled your life with significance and  purpose and gave your life a sense of meaning and destiny

Unfortunately, upon reaching the top of the ladder it became obvious that this particular ladder does not reach all the way to the top! Although it is a beautiful ladder, one that really ‘good’ people seem to approve of, a very safe ladder, and easy to climb it, disappointingly, only goes half way up.

Then, after much head scratching, you notice, some distance away, just out of reach, there is another ladder! However, this is an ancient ladder, no longer a popular ladder,despite the  fact that it is the original ladder, it is forgotten and has even become despised and rejected.Yet this old ladder reaches all the way to the top!
After many attempts at taking a short cut to reach this older ladder, by either climbing or jumping across, in desperation, you eventually give up! The gap poses to be just to wide, and  you are so high up your ladder, that the potential fall just to dangerous.
In fact, the only way to get over onto the original ladder, is first be willing to climb down in order to start at the bottom again!

There seems to be no other way to actually reach the top!

Yet, this is indeed a hard thing for us humans to do.

Like a PC. our religious minds have been formatted to  operate in a certain way. Unlike re-formatting a computer, changing our deeply engrained beliefs does not come easily. It often means having to give up valuable and precious ‘stored data’ that we really don’t want to loose!

.....theology of separation!

Our contemporary Christian mindset has thus been traditionally shaped by a theology of ‘sin and salvation’ and the option of ‘heaven and  hell’. Our Theology about the ‘Trinity and Humanity’ found its point of departure in the study of Anthropology, with the demise of man into sin , and not in Eternity, in the eternal council of the Trinity.

Therefore we have been conditioned to read and interpret the Scriptures in a particular way, and have developed a ‘scotoma or ’blind spots to everything that does not validate our preconceived notions. We cannot help but read into the Scriptures our passed down collective body of popular Christian doctrine and dogma with all its man made assumptions and pre-suppositions.

...you never knew if you were going to make it to heaven!

Our entire religious mindset has been shaped, and all our human doctrines built around an erroneous assumption of  the ‘separation’ between man and God.
The Holy Spirit is today untwisting from the influence of Greek mythology, Hebrew thought, Christian tradition and and centuries of unbelief, superstition and western intellectualism , the original Gospel and Wisdom of God.
The Bible is a progressive revelation  about Who Jesus Christ really is, and what the Trinity has done ‘to’ mankind through His Incarnation as the Son of God leading up to His Glorification as the Son of Man.

...the Lamb slain, from before the foundation of the world!

Its about removing from the mind of man the erroneous perception of the ‘separatist’ nature of the Trinity and restoring an appropriate understanding and appreciation for the ‘relational’ nature of the Triune Godhead as the very spiritual genesis of mankind.
Its about revealing the wonderful Mystery of God, namely Christ,  in His Glorious Cosmic and Majestic Universal capacity as Supreme Lord of All Creation, the very Source, Agent and Fulfilment of All……The Alpha and The Omega!

Who is God?……and who is Abba’s Child?

"It's my Daddy"

If a total stranger tapped one of my children on the shoulder, pointed to me, and asked? “Who is that?”

And if they replied;

“He is taller and much stronger than me!”

“He drives a motor car”

He has brown hair and blue eyes”

“He brings home the groceries”

“He preaches to people and teaches the Bible”

“He punishes me when I do wrong”

“He keeps telling me what to do and not do”

Would you agree that ‘something would be wrong with this picture?

One would expect the reply to be…..”Oh….that is my Daddy!”

If any of my children relates to me, purely on the basis of my attributes, my external qualities and my behaviour, and not ostensibly on the basis of our fundamental relationship there clearly exists a serious dysfunction and a profound misunderstanding.

Their undisputable identity is that of a child of their father, and mine as that of father to my children.

The tap root of our mutuality is never our individual attributes or reciprocal need satisfaction or performance, but is purely relationship based! The essence of which is love! This sacred affinity within a father child relationship is a divine institution.

The very manner in which my children ‘see’ and ‘know” me as their earthly father, defines not only how they will relate to me, but it indeed inwardly defines how they in fact ‘see’ themselves and ‘know’ themselves to be!

Yet, if you asked most people, including most average Christians, “Who is God?”

What would the typical and immediate response be?

I suspect that most people would start describing God according to His external attributes.

In fact, the more religious and informed they are in the ‘things of God’, the more opinionated and passionate their objective descriptions of His perceived qualities are likely to be:

“He is the Almighty, the Creator of heaven and earth!”

“He hates sin”

“He punishes the wicked”

“He sends sinners to hell”

“He knows everything, even if you sin secretly, and keeps record of your wrongdoings”

‘He is a consuming fire!”

“God is in Heaven, and will let you in if you were a good person!”

“God is sick and tired of mankind’s nonsense and will end it all soon!”

The manner in which we personally perceive and explain God is critical to our self-concept. It is fundamental to our very experience of life and our individual sense of personal value and the meaning of life.

In precisely the same manner the mode whereby my children ‘see’ and ‘know” me as their earthly father will drastically affects them, likewise our understanding of our Heavenly Father moulds and dictates our very image of ourselves. Defining not only our attitude in relating to God, but also of relating to ourselves. In fact defining who we are, and how we live our lives.

'Bring him my cloak, sandals for his feet and a ring for his finger'

The Bible makes it clear that before Jesus Christ came down from Heaven, from the very ‘bosom of the Father’, from the inner sanctuary of the Trinity, nobody in human history ever actually knew or understood God!

The Eternal Invisible God occasionally spoke through His ordained prophets, only revealing fragmentary aspects of His nature, His purposes and His promises.

'The return of the prodigal son' by Rembrandt

Yet, mankind, and in particular the nation of Israel, and the very religious system through which God had been working to express His purposes, did not know God at all.

Jesus Christ introduced God as a Loving Father!

He also revealed Himself as the Son of the Father.

He explained God, not by adding to man’s list of objective observations and religious assumptions of God’s external attributes and powers. Neither by objectively listing more of His Omni attributes.

On the contrary, Jesus introduced God as essentially a ‘relational’ God! A caring Father.

Not an angry Judge, nor a distant, impersonal and indifferent or even an offended God, as He was  been being perceived and related to, as a product of man’s darkened mind.

Jesus revealed that there was no indeed separation between God the Father, and His children.

The Father intimately knew, and loved each of His children. He actually even knew the very number of hair on each of their heads. He knew what they needed before they even asked him.

Through both His teachings and actions, Jesus demonstrated that God was an extremely compassionate Father, one who unconditionally embraced even His most wayward and disappointing children.

The most compelling and accurate description of the Father heart of God,  Jesus  illustrated with the following word pictures; “ When his son was still a far way off, the Father ran towards him, fell upon him, and embraced him!

The same concerned Father later stands pleading with his indignant older son, outside in the darkness, inviting him please join their family festivity.

To Jesus, His Father was not a stern, distant, indifferent, critical, disciplinarian! Not you typical Victorian Irish Catholic father, but rather an accessible and involved Dad. He was Abba, the Aramaic word, a young child used to call their Daddy.

'Abba's Child'

God was his Abba Father. And Jesus was Abba’s child!

Jesus went to the very heart of the matter when He revealed, as a fundamental spiritual reality, the essential relational nature of our Father.

He came, not only to introduce the Father to us, but indeed to introduce us to ourselves!

Jesus came not as an example ‘for’ us to try and imitate. Rather, He came to be an example ‘of’ us!

Indeed, that we too, you and I, and  each one of us, like Jesus Himself,  are indeed by our very existence…… Abba’s child!

‘The Objective and Subjective Spiritual Reality of The Gospel of Christ’!

To be called ‘co-heirs’ with Christ, and ‘heirs’ of the Father, in the deepest and ultimate sense of its meaning,  signify and imply that we are spiritually included in the ‘love’ and ‘life’ of Divinity.

Indeed, otherwise stated, intimately embraced in the ‘dream’ and ‘dance’ within the organic unity of the Trinity!

All of life begins and ends within the Triune Godhead, yet for most, the Trinity is a merely a complicated ‘doctrine’ and an irrelevant concept, and not a personal ‘reality’.

Yet, when the True and Living God , hitherto unseen and unknown,  ultimately  chose to explain Himself in human history, as He did in and through the Man Jesus Christ , Divine Wisdom chose to revealed Himself  in terms of the dynamics of a Father, Son and Holy Spirit!

Our contemporary Christian paradigm is formatted around our limited understanding of the so called ‘New Covenant’. For most believers the ‘New Covenant’ merely represents the pages between Matthew and the book of Revelation!

This is indeed not the ‘New Covenant’! These are Scriptures that testify of the New Covenant!

The ‘New Covenant’ is in fact an ‘us inclusive’ living relationship between Christ Jesus and our Heavenly Father!

Jesus Christ, being both Son of God and Son of Man, is the Mediator and Guarantor of this inclusive relationship, which He unilaterally brought into existence on our behalf.

The Glorification of the Man Jesus the Christ, in Whom both Divinity and Humanity is eternally vested, perpetually sustains our ‘inclusion’ in this ‘love and life’ of the Trinity…… in the power of an indestructible life!

Due to ignorance Christianity’s has been religiously trampling and continue to muddy the spiritual waters of mankind!

Sadly, despite our 2000 year history of explaining the Bible, interpreting the Old and the New Covenants, distinguishing between Law and Grace, arguing between Works and Faith, and preaching about Heaven and Hell…. we have inherited a massive ‘blind spot’ regarding the very ‘raison d’être’ …. The ETERNAL COVENANT!

The ‘rediscovery’ and ‘renewed understand’ the Eternal Covenant and the nature of the Trinity, especially its gracious predisposition towards mankind, is a potential catalyst for a new spiritual awakening, that could sweep the world.

In this Audio Teaching I discuss ‘The Objective and Subjective Spiritual Reality of The Gospel of Christ’!

It was presented to approximately seventy Christian leaders from about fourteen African nations who attended an International Grace Conference, hosted by Francois du Toit at Hermanus, South Africa during 5-15 November 2010.

To Listen or download Audio Message click link


The Universal and Cosmic Nature of Jesus Christ…in search of a new paradigm of thinking!

Often I get asked this type of question;

“Andre how does your mind work?”

“In your teaching and writing do you seem to be emphasizing the same thing lately? All you are focussing on is exploring the  and the inclusion of humanity in the Love and Life of the Trinity!

There are so many other things that you have the talent and gifting to teach on?”

I would reply as  follows;

“I have been speaking and teaching for four decades now, nearly three of which as Minister of the Gospel. Although much of my teaching over the years was about transferring ‘information‘, the definitive gravitational pull of my ministry has always rather been towards being ‘transformational‘ in stead.

Thereby addressing and attempting to adjust the ‘context’ or framework of ‘belief‘ rather that adding to the ‘content’ of things believed in.

The present unction I have, is not to inform or emphasize already establish doctrine, but to engage often avoided abstract and often complex spiritual ideas and make them easily understandable.

My present ministry mandate, as I’ve attempted to understand it to the best of my ability, is clearly stated.

This as being to ‘challenge old redundant religious paradigms and blind spots’ within our contemporary view of the relationship between the Trinity, Christ and Humanity.

If and when I speak or publish something, it is certainly not with the primary intention to be controversial or to emphasize division.

Much rather to be a ‘change agent‘ and to provoke creative interaction, leading to the much needed unveiling and re-discovery of essential spiritual truth about the mystery of Christ and the Trinity.

My published notes as well as my audio teachings are on record to show that my focus is just as much on the subjective spiritual reality of the indwelling Christ in the life of the individual believer, as what it is on the objective reality of the inclusion of all mankind within the universal and cosmic nature of Christ.

I hope this answers the question?

In his audio Teaching I compare the Universal and Cosmic Nature of Jesus Christ to the influence of  Religion, Human Philosophy, Legalism, Mysticism and Culture on the Gospel of Jesus Christ and Christianity. A contemporary reality in the modern Church.”

To listen follow this link


Shifting from a Self- into a Christ-centred revelation of the Gospel!

Actually …the vicarious Death or Crucifixion of Jesus, followed by His Resurrection, although they are critical points in the process leading from the  the Son of God’s Incarnation into humanity, leading up to the point of His Ascension into Heaven…were all merely steps towards His ultimate Glorification within the Trinity as both the Son of God and the the Son of Man!

It is only when one grows in understanding and appreciates the implications of the Glorification of Jesus as the Son of Man, that your grasp of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, can shift from an immature traditional self- centered interpretation of what Jesus did ‘for me” on the Cross, to a more mature Christ- centered appreciation of what The Trinity accomplished ‘for mankind‘ through the Son of God’s Glorification!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us with every spiritual blessing in the heavenly places in Christ  just as He chose us in Him before the foundation of the world, that we should be holy and without blame before Him in love,  having predestined us to adoption as sons by Jesus Christ to Himself, according to the good pleasure of His will,   to the praise of the glory of His grace, by which He made us accepted in the Beloved.”

Ephesians 1:3-6

‘And now, O Father, glorify Me together with Yourself, with the glory which I had with You before the world was‘.

John 17:5

‘ And the glory which You gave Me I have given them, that they may be one just as We are one:  I in them, and You in Me; that they may be made perfect in one, and that the world may know that You have sent Me, and have loved them as You have loved Me. “Father, I desire that they also whom You gave Me may be with Me where I am, that they may behold My glory which You have given Me; for You loved Me before the foundation of the world.

John 17:22-24

” But he, being full of the Holy Spirit, gazed into heaven and saw the glory of God, and Jesus standing at the right hand of God,  and said, “Look! I see the heavens opened and the Son of Man standing at the right hand of God!”

Act 7:55-56

” When I was a child, I spoke as a child, I understood as a child, I thought as a child; but when I became a man, I put away childish things.  For now we see in a mirror, dimly, but then face to face. Now I know in part, but then I shall know just as I also am known.  And now abide faith, hope, love, these three; but the greatest of these is love.”

1 Corinthians 13:11-13

‘Christ the sum of All Spiritual Things’..the underpinning truth of ‘new paradigm’ thinking!

The great challenges of our time cannot be solved with the same level of thinking at which they were created‘.- Albert Einstein

I agree with Albert, while we attempt to interpret the Mystery of  who Jesus Christ actually  is, and what the Triune Godhead has accomplished on behalf of all mankind, only within the confinement of  our subjective human interpretation, our ‘old paradigm’ based on the ‘illusion of separation’, we will never clearly discern Jesus Christ for Who, and What He actually is.

He will remain as He is for most of Christianity merely a diminished historical icon of the Church, or as He is to the ‘unbelieving world’ an historical religious myth!

What I propose by ‘new paradigm thinking’ is in fact not new , but the ancient reality and understanding of Jesus Christ Himself, penned in ink the Apostles Paul, John the Beloved and the writer of Hebrews.

It is of a Cosmic or Universal Christ, the Only Begotten Son of God, through Whom, by Whom and for Whom All Things in Heaven and of Earth were created, consist and have their ultimate fulfilment.

In this Audio Teaching I discuss ‘Christ the sum of All Spiritual Things’.

To listen follow this link