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…..is our current understanding about Jesus the Christ slightly ‘off-centre’?

Most popular ‘theologizing’ about the mediation  between God and man, by Jesus the  Christ, and its implications for humanity,  seem to be bracketed between, and explained in reference to the Incarnation of the Son of God into humanity, and His subsequent Resurrection from the dead,and usually has its centre of gravity in His Crucifixion! 

I suspect, that it is indeed within the Glorification of the Son of Man, the very fact that one of us, the ‘man’ Jesus Christ was received, absorbed and enthroned within the Holy Trinity, as indeed ‘very’ God Himself, and as yet a human person, that the true centre of gravity of the Gospel of Jesus Christ should be sought …and found.

In so doing, will we not then tilt our slightly off -centre  interpretation of Who Jesus Christ really is, and what the Trinity has accomplished through His mediation, onto its true axes?



…are them darn ‘Grace Preachers’ only making the ‘Judgement of God’ cheap?!

The chief criticism by opponents of the ‘grace message’ is that “grace’ makes to little of man’s ‘sinfulness’, and doesn’t stress enough the ‘judgement’ of God, but only sees His ‘loving kindness’.

The very opposite is actually true!

Grace ‘judged’, that man’s ‘sinfulness’ was so totally unacceptable and beyond self-redemption, that a merciful act of ‘Divine intervention’ alone, could ever ‘save’ man from himself!

Understand this…and you will begin to grasp both the judgement and the grace of God!

Hell, Oh Hell….wherfore art thou?

Make no mistake, the so called concept of ‘hell’ is indeed a complex issue to decipher.

It has become over centuries of religious tradition and human speculation very much like  a neglected plot of land that has, over time, become an overgrown jungle of confusion.

The weeds of superstition, the thistles of ignorance and the thorns of religious mythology have gone to seed, and completely taken over, obscuring the truth!

Also totally distorting the original meaning of the words and concept that they contained, and  were conveyed, and the context in which they were used, and what they meant in the ear of the hearers.

The historical fact is that the four original words, Gehenna, Tartarus, Sheol, and Hades were summarily, incorrectly, and arbitrarily translated into the medieval English word ‘hell’ by the early Catholic translators of the Bible.

To blindly assume that the original use of those words as applied in their context imply the prevailing Christian doctrinal construct, understanding and meaning attached to ‘hell’, requires an enormous amount of intellectual dishonesty from us in the Church world today.

Rob Bell’s new book, questioning the traditional notion of ‘HELL’, is ‘hot tamale’, to ‘hot’ for many Pastor’s and Christians!

The latest  controversy surrounding  Rob Bell, of Mars Hill fame’s  new book, questioning  the traditional concept and the existence of a so called ‘hell’, as a future destiny for ‘all unbelievers’,  is becoming an very  ‘hot tamale’ for many Pastors! Just too much ‘heat’ to chew and to ‘potent’ to swallow!  Yet…they are ‘damned’ if they ‘do’ and ‘damned it they don’t…because Rob may just be right on the money!

I am convinced that much ‘ducking and diving’ is taking place in Churches as ‘thinking’ people come with questions, demanding answers! Is Rob Bell perhaps forcing Pastors to become better ‘politicians?

This reminds me of a politician, who during the days of Prohibition, that period in United States history in which the manufacture, sale, and transportation of intoxicating liquors was outlawed., was asked during a public meeting, while canvassing votes:

Where” do you stand on the whiskey question?

Without batting an eyelid He replied;

“My friend…if by ‘whiskey’, you mean that despicable devil’s brew,

that snake oil from the pit of hell…..

that vile potion, that is the ruin and downfall of many a Christian man and woman……….

that evil that destroys men’s souls and damn’s them to eternal torment and perdition!

Alas, my dear fellow…

if by ‘whiskey’, you are referring to that ghastly satanic liquid……….

that ruins many a Godly family…

that cruel master that bankrupts many a business and homes…

that sinful substance….

that breaks up marriages and leaves many poor orphaned….

Fatherless and penniless!

If this is what you mean by ‘whiskey’…… my absolute and truthful

answer today, is undoubtedly……. YES!

But….. on the other hand…….

If what you mean by ‘whiskey’……

is that nectar of the God’s…..?

that loyal and faithful friend……

that delightful companion in front of the fireplace with icy snow falling…….

that delightful heavenly potion……and golden medicinal brew.. ….

that has comforted and warmed the heart of many a dear fellow traveller on this earth…..

and has lightened the load of many a burdened soul….

indeed, that removes the painful reminder of toil and trouble……

Alas, that divine sipping substance that lifts the head

That puts a spring into the step……

of a meek old fellow like myself …….on a cold frosty wintry morning!

Indeed, if this … my friend, is what you mean by ‘whiskey’…..

then my answer to you this day, undoubtedly…………..

without any fear of equivocation…..is……………..YES!”